Together – We Will Make it Better

Please help me gather information about your block.  Kindly take the survey below:

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Broadway Corridor Demonstration Project



Keep up with what is being planned for Broadway under the Broadway Corridor Demonstration Project.  You can view the latest and greatest by clicking here

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Back to School Community Event – August 30 at Downing Park

Back 2 School

Back 2 School

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Due to the extreme heat, the Cooling Center at 401 Washington Street will be open until 10p.m. Wednesday and Thursday July 29th & July 30th for our residents.  Please stop by and spend the day in air-conditioning.

The Aquatic Center at Delano Hitch Recreation Park at 399 Washington Street will be open from 10 a.m.-8 p.m. (closed from 3:00 -3:30 p.m.).  The mist stick at Audrey Carey Park (Liberty Street between Farrington & Third) is another way to cool off.

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A Blast From the Past!

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Cemetery tour brings to life notable figures of the past

NEWBURGH – Within the City of Newburgh’s historic district and around the corner from Washington’s Headquarters is the remarkable St. George’s Cemetery. Established in 1838, this burial ground that overlooks the Hudson River is filled with stories once lived by those interred, from the American Revolution to the present.

Both the Newburgh Historical Society and St. George’s Episcopal Church invite the public on a guided walking tour on July 12 starting at 2 p.m.

This half-mile walk consists of 21 points of interest that include a guard to General George Washington, a Medal of Honor recipient, a Newburgh citizen turned Confederate during the Civil War, a Southern born who fought for the Union, a doctor, entrepreneurs, religious figures, and many more.

St. George’s, a 7.5-acre cemetery, is a prize example of the 19th-century rural cemetery style where the romantic practice of landscaping was essential to its design. Throughout this time period, cemeteries like St. George’s were often viewed as public spaces and lively destinations.

The tour keeps within this tradition by inviting the living to enjoy the stories of the deceased, just as was intended when the cemetery was founded 177 years ago.

Refreshments will be provided by the St. George’s Cemetery Committee. The committee will also raffle off a picnic basket filled with goods and sell other souvenirs to raise funds for the care of the historic cemetery.

The tour will start at the north gate on Washington’s Street at the S. Johnston Street intersection. Admission is $5 per person and reservations are suggested. Call 561-2585 or go to to reserve a place on the tour. Additional information about the event and parking may be found on the Society’s website.

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July 23 – Save the Date – Be a Part of Making Sure We Have a Cleaner Hudson

Poster - Candlelight for a Cleaner Hudson (Eng, Span, Fre)_Page_1.jpg Poster - Candlelight for a Cleaner Hudson Span Poster - Candlelight for a Cleaner Hudson Fre

Join us on July 23 to celebrate our cities’ most treasured natural and economic resource—the Hudson River—and conduct a candlelight vigil for its full recovery from PCB pollution. Residents of the City of Newburgh and Beacon will gather with citizens from other waterfront communities for a stunning display showing the world we haven’t forgotten our river.

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